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If you're looking for a New York, NY, lawyer to tackle your personal injury case, call Nass & Roper Law. Our staff commits to providing the personal attention that you deserve. When you're part of an ongoing case or have questions that only an attorney can answer, we can help. If you're injured and unable to leave your home, we'll come to you for an initial consultation. Start inquiring about your rights today. Our consultations are free.

From human rights violations and discrimination to safety code violations, you'll need a lawyer to turn an injustice into legal compensation. We have experience working with marginalized, injured, and mistreated clients in a court of law. We want to protect you from misconduct and brutality. If you have suffered at the hands of law enforcement, call our firm to start building a case.

Hire a New York, NY, lawyer that can strategize on your behalf. At Nass & Roper Law, we strive to please every client we see. If your case goes to court, we'll do everything in our power to get you a sound resolution. With extensive legal knowledge, reasonable attorney fees, and free information, we cater to our clients' needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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